Tips for Hiring a Land Surveyor

20 February 2020
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A land surveyor is an important professional to engage before you purchase a parcel of land. This is because the surveyor will be in a position to help you establish the exact boundaries of your next home.

Apart from helping to avoid disputes with neighbours in future, establishing the exact location of your boundary will also make it much easier for you to make maximum use of the available space with your construction design.

Are there ways to save money when hiring a land surveyor? Read this article and find out a few.

Hire a Local Land Surveyor

You might be moving to a new area, but the processes involved in a land survey are standard irrespective of jurisdiction.

While it might feel more familiar to hire a surveyor from your current area of residence, this is not necessarily the best choice. Remember, you'll be moving out of this residence once you've bought the lot, and your new house is built.

A local-based land surveyor won't have to spend as much to get to your site. Therefore, he or she might not charge you as much as what you would pay a surveyor who operates in your current area of residence.

Ask Your Neighbour

As a land survey establishes the boundaries of your property, it establishes the boundary of your neighbour's property, also by default. If the adjacent lots are already developed and occupied, familiarise yourself with your neighbours and get to know who did their land survey.

This can save you a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been spent searching the internet for and making phone calls to numerous survey professionals in a bid to compare their charges.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent

You could also ask your realtor to recommend a professional land surveyor whose services are affordable. Realtors often work hand in hand with survey professionals in the line of duty.

This kind of interaction makes it very easy for the realtor to recommend a couple of survey professionals that they have worked with in the past for your comparison.

It is important to point out that a real estate agent cannot double up as a land surveyor. A real estate agent will know the location of your desired title and its proposed measurements. When it comes to the ground however, he or she cannot tell you the exact location of your boundaries.

To learn more about land surveying, contact land surveyors in your area.