Convincing Reasons Why Your Landscaping Efforts Call For The Use Of Travertine Stone

26 February 2020
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You have probably come across travertine stone inside residential spaces and this is not coincidental. The unique appearance of this stone has made it a must-have for a myriad of interior applications including flooring, benchtops and even cabinetry. But have you considered integrating this natural stone to your outdoors? If your garden has not reached its full potential and you are looking for ways to update its appearance, you should consider integrating travertine stone to balance out the foliage. Unlike some other stone supplies, this stone offers a range of advantages that make it suited to any landscape design. Below are just a few convincing reasons why your landscaping efforts call for the use of travertine stone.

Astonishing longevity

What you may be surprised to learn about travertine stone is that it was a staple material in the construction of colosseums, monuments and other structures centuries past. Considering that a good number of these structures are still standing, albeit dilapidated due to vandalism, it is a testament to the fact that this natural stone will be a long-term investment for your property. The robustness and undeniable durability of travertine stone make it perfect for applications such as paving and garden edging, as the stone will remain functional for the long run.

Guaranteed adaptability

If you are keen about your residence having character, it is likely that your garden and landscape, in general, distinguishable by its unique style and design. For example, you may have spent a considerable amount of time and resources in curating a rock garden that is characterised by dark pebbles and a water future. In this scenario, you may be thinking that the light coloured hue of travertine stone will not have a place in your landscape. The reality, though, is that this natural stone is available in a multitude of colours as well as finishes. Say you have chosen a monochromatic colour scheme in your yard that oozes Zen, travertine in grey hues would be a suitable addition, as the stone will complement the overall look. Your landscaping contractor can introduce you to the various options available so that you can make the most of this natural stone in your backyard.

Impressive versatility

The array of hues and finishes that travertine stone is available in is not the only way in which this material is versatile. When it comes to applications, travertine stone is not just functional as paving. If you are engaging in an overhaul of your entire landscape, you can utilise travertine stone in multiple ways. From retaining walls to curb soil erosion to decorative columns comprising travertine veneers, this material will impress you with its versatility.