Commercial Landscaping Tips

4 March 2020
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Landscaping is an essential aspect of commercial buildings. It enhances the appeal of the building and makes it attractive to prospective tenants. So, how do you create a commercial landscape? Below are a few tips. 

Landscape Design

Below is a guide to help you design the landscape:

  1. Know the available space. In addition to the landscaping in the front of the building, take advantage of the balconies and the rooftop.
  2. Allocate adequate space for paths, car parks, driveways, fountains and any other installations you would want.
  3. The landscape should have a proper drainage system. Otherwise, you will experience water logging during the rainy season.
  4. Create illusions to make the landscape look expansive. For example, a curved driveway or path may obscure certain features; thus, the landscape may look bigger than its actual size.

Choosing Plants

A professional landscaper will help you choose suitable plants for your climate. If you live in a warm area, consider drought-tolerant grasses. Fescues, bluegrass and ryegrass are ideal for cold climates. Your landscape should comprise a wide range of shrubs and trees. The colour pattern should complement your brand colours.

Trees with long, fibrous roots will damage pavement and the foundation. Remember, you can use the landscape to improve the energy efficiency of the building. For instance, trees planted along the building can block the sun's rays during hot months.

Landscape Installations

Residents may need recreational areas to relax. A swimming pool is ideal if the building has a hotel or a children's park. Patios, pergolas and gazebos are ideal outdoor working spaces. In addition, they are the perfect place to hold monthly or annual parties. The installations should be built using high-quality materials to prevent pest and water damage. Vines and potted plants can help improve the appeal of these installations.

Water features such as fountains are an instant attraction. They should be built at strategic points and should be visible to people outside the compound. Fibre-optic lighting will make the fountain stand out at night. 

Paths and Driveways

Heavy haulage trucks used to deliver supplies to your clients' premises may damage the driveway. As such, use quality materials during construction. Avoid smooth surfaces that could cause clients to slip and fall. 

Improving commercial landscaping is easy with the above tips. Go for modern designs, consider landscape installations, use quality materials for hardscape elements and choose plants that are suitable for your climate. Reach out to commercial landscaping services to learn more.