3 Plants to Help You Spruce up Your Commercial Landscape

13 March 2020
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If you have a commercial building or property such as a rental apartment or office building, make its landscape attractive to get more potential clients. Although you may use several ways to make the landscape beautiful, having the right plants and planters could be a great idea. Commercial planters will make the commercial landscape warm and beautiful. If you want to save money on landscape plants, you can choose beautiful, low-maintenance planters to spruce up the commercial environment. Here are some beautiful plants you can use to brighten up your commercial landscape:

Shaped Shrubs

Shrubs or topiary trees are beautiful and among the unique species to have in the planters. Pyramids, cubes, balls and spirals are some of the shrub shapes you can choose for your commercial space. Besides adding regal quality to your commercial property, topiary trees provide gorgeous shade throughout the year. Most shrubs are resistant to harsh weather and droughts.

If you want the topiary trees in your commercial property to reach their optimum growth, just pay attention to drainage, soil and water. If you want to grow topiary trees on the planters, provide additional nutrients and avoid chronic waterlogged soil. Most insects and animals don't attack the trees' leaves, especially after foliage is sprayed.


If you want your commercial landscape to look beautiful throughout the year for several years, consider perennial flowers. Perennial flowers are low-maintenance and bloom in pretty colours, such as pink, vibrant blue, purple and orange among others. Before you choose perennial flowers, consider the colour you want to introduce to your commercial landscaping. Also, consider how tall the perennials should be and when they should be pruned. If you want to have a green bush in your commercial space, catmint is a perennial flower to choose.

Fleshy Plants

If your commercial landscape receives huge foot traffic often, the blooming petals could be plucked from the planters at any time. For this reason, most commercial property owners choose succulents because they are hardy and offer a different flowering effect. If your commercial property is in a hot area, succulent plants are great because they don't require a lot of water. Several drought-resistant plants or succulents combined in one planter can create an attention-grabbing effect. Whether you want to have wide, tall or spiky succulents, burro's tail, cacti, sempervivum or sedum are some of the drought-resistant plants that can boost the curb appeal of your commercial landscape.

Hosta plants and daylilies could also add striking beauty to your commercial landscape. When getting commercial planters, ensure you choose those that won't stain, corrode or rust. If you maintain a stunning commercial landscaping always, achieving business success will just be a walk in the park. The plants you choose shouldn't block the windows and walkways of your commercial property.