3 Lawn Mower Repairs You Should Leave to the Experts

23 March 2020
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There is not a more important piece of equipment for the average Australian gardener than a lawn mower. Most of Australia's conditions are perfect for grass to grow quickly in, especially during the warmer months that are also usually quite wet. Because of this most lawn mowers get quite a heavy workload, so it is no surprise that lawn mower repair is a growing industry across many of the big suburban areas. There are a few things that you should never try and repair yourself on a lawn mower because they can be quite dangerous to yourself or could ruin the lawn mower.

If you get any of these issues, take your mower to a lawn mower repair shop and get it looked at by a professional. 

Leaky Gas Tank

Gas tanks on lawn mowers are located in a range of different positions, and some of these alignments make it easier for them to get worn and for the seal to start leaking. When this happens you need to stop using the lawn mower straight away and take it in for a mower repair service. Having petrol or a flammable fuel source on the ground can be exceptionally dangerous, especially if your mower hits a rock or something that could start a spark. The only way to fix this is to find a proper replacement piece because anything else is merely prolonging the problem and putting yourself at risk. 

Dented Lawn Mower Blade

Over time your lawn mower's blades will become bent out of shape from when it occasionally hits a rock, tree stump or some other tough surface. That is normal and can be fixed, but not without professional assistance. When you start to hear your lawn mower's blade hitting the sides of the mower or when it stops working all together, you should stop and take in for a repair. If you keep using it while it is in a damaged state, you can void your warranty and are more at risk of starting a flame through a stray spark. 

Lawn Mower Pull Cord

Most lawn mowers are built with a pull cord design to start them, although this is changing with newer models. There is no reason you can't keep your current lawn mower once the pull cord snaps or gets torn. This is a relatively simple problem to fix because the only issue is that you need to know what you are looking for. It is a small area to work with, and it is often much easier for people who don't know the inner mechanics of their lawn mower to take it in to a mower repair service. It is a relatively cheap repair and you save yourself a lot of frustration that comes from not quite being able to do it on your own.