Will You Need to Arrange a Lawn Delivery?

31 March 2020
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If you are landscaping the outside of your property, one feature that you will probably want to include is a lawn. A grassy area where children can play or you can simply sit and relax is an asset to any home. Speaking to a lawn delivery company is the best way to get your new lawn, but before you can do that, there is one thing you must sort out. What should your lawn look like? Not all types of grass are identical, and choosing the right grass for your lawn is essential if you want it to thrive in your local climate.

What makes a great lawn?

Every lawn is different. You may want grass that you can play sports on or for your pets or children to run around on. Maybe you want a lawn where you can lay on during warm afternoons. Whatever you plan to do with your lawn, you must pick an appropriate type of grass. You will need to evaluate the different types of grass not only in terms of their softness but also their resilience to use and ability to self-repair if they become damaged. In particular, you will need to think of the climate in which your lawn will be growing.

Understanding the climate

When you arrange for the lawn company to bring your turf, you will be receiving a delivery of green turf, but how long will it remain green? The turf will need to be laid the day of the lawn delivery to give the turf the best chance of thriving, but will it stay green once you start to use it? Before selecting your turf, speak to the lawn company about the area you want to place the lawn. Think about the amount of direct sunlight the lawn must endure. How many hours of shade are there? What about the amount of rainfall you can expect? Is the climate predictable or subject to extreme changes? Understanding the area that you want to turf will help the lawn delivery company suggest a suitable lawn product for you. If you make a mistake in your choice of grass, your new green lawn could soon become a muddy mess or an area of dry earth.

Planning your lawn delivery

A good lawn company will harvest your turf the day before the lawn delivery and bring it early enough so that you can lay it the day it arrives. If your weather is highly changeable, it is always a good idea to speak to the lawn delivery company and ensure that they offer next-day delivery so that you can make your decision as late as possible.

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