Guidelines for Effective Grass Establishment Irrigation

14 May 2020
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Grass lawns need water for proper growth and development. However, some parts of the world do not have enough rainfall to sustain gardens. If you are in such areas, then watering your lawn is critical. Following the right watering practices can offer high-quality lawn and environmental benefits. Below are some ways to ensure effective irrigation of your grass establishment. 

Watering Frequency

The question that most people have is how often they should water their lawns. To properly care for your yard, you should give it water when it needs it. That means you should provide water before the soil begins drying out and the grass starts wilting. You do not need to water daily, weekly, or monthly. A sprinkler unit can prove helpful during the hot months. Ensure the device runs until it soaks the ground. 

Grass Root Systems and Watering

Short irrigation cycles done frequently will not get deep into the soil. Roots look for water and will only grow where there is water. Therefore, frequent but short watering rotations will lead to a shallow root system. That means the grass will need constant watering. The roots need to run as deep as six inches for it to have a strong foundation. That way, they can survive for more extended periods between their watering cycles. 

Watering Time

Different people have different thoughts on the ideal time to irrigate grass establishments. Some individuals believe it is best to water during the late afternoon. But afternoon hours experience the highest evaporation from the wind and sun. Other individuals believe that it is best to water the grass in the evening. If you water your lawn in the afternoon or evening, then you should try doing it in the morning—however, only water when the grass needs it. 

New Grass Establishments

New grass establishments are the ones that are recently seeded, sodded, or sprigged. You need to take a different approach when irrigating new lawns. Deep watering is only ideal for established yards. If you have a grass establishment with new sod, then they have tender roots. These roots need extra watering, and sometimes you may need to do it a couple of times in a day. Daily and shallow irrigations are vital for the first month. 


Understand the right grass establishment irrigation practice for a healthy lawn. You also need to find the ideal equipment to use in your yard. These two aspects will ensure the grass remains green all year long.

To learn more about grass establishment irrigation, contact a professional.