Corporate Office Cleaning Tips You Shouldn't Forget This Winter

15 June 2020
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Traditionally, winter is a time to stay indoors, but companies still have to run to provide the products and services people require. However, maintaining cleanliness in the corporate office or commercial space can be challenging during this period, but it doesn't mean that it should be neglected. After all, this is the time when infectious germs and ailments are transferred easily, so if certain corporate office cleaning procedures aren't followed, the team's health will be at risk. Therefore, consider the following corporate office cleaning tips if you don't want your workforce to go on sick leave when you need them the most.

Guard the entryways and floors

Common elements like salt, dust and moisture can take a toll on your office floors. After all, employees and customers have to walk through snow and exterior slush to get to your office — that's how elements get into the office. Failing to clean the moisture and dirt will promote bacteria breeding and mould growth.

The good news is that you can protect your corporate office floors by using entrance mats. Then, be sure to sweep or vacuum the floors regularly to keep salt, dust and moisture off the floors. Cleaning should be done regularly if you have carpets, and it's better to assign the task to professionals. The longer you allow these elements to rest on your carpeting, the quicker they will damage the fibres and force you to purchase another carpet. Your employees should also bring separate indoor footwear for the office.

Keep the windows clean

Your windows face difficulties in winter because of the ice and snow that accumulates on the panes. This makes it difficult for sunlight or heat to enter the building, hence reducing warmth in the property. Moreover, the weight of the snow and other forms of debris can cause the glass to crack, warp or break. Fortunately, you can avoid all this by cleaning the windows regularly so ice and snow don't cover them completely. This will also make it easier for natural sunlight to keep the office dry and warm.

Get the HVAC serviced

Another essential aspect you shouldn't forget is the ventilation systems. If your HVAC system isn't checked regularly, it will keep re-circulating airborne pathogens that will contaminate the indoor air and affect the overall health of the workforce. Your HVAC systems should be maintained and cleaned regularly to minimise dirt and germ circulation throughout the corporate office space. This preventative measure will keep your staff healthy and happier throughout the winter, which will boost productivity. Make sure you hire professionals to do this task.