How To Choose And Plant Buffalo Turf

16 June 2020
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Buffalo turf is one of the best grasses you can have on your landscape. The grass requires little maintenance and can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic. Below is a guide to help you purchase and plant buffalo turf in your yard. 

Choosing Grass

Some of your concerns when choosing buffalo grass should include: 

1. Characteristics

There are different varieties of buffalo grass. As such, you should choose a grass that can withstand the climate of your area. You should also examine the type of leaves on the grass. Go for soft leaves if you will have kids or pets playing on your lawn. 

2. Natural Versus Artificial 

Natural grass is ideal for people on a budget. When working with natural turf, you will have to choose between seed and sod. Sod is your best bet when you need a lawn in the shortest possible time. For instance, if you intend to list the property in a few weeks. Unlike seed, it cannot be washed away by rains or strong weeds. As such, it can be planted in sloping areas. Your choice of sod must be healthy without any weeds or pests. 

When buying seed, conduct some research to identify companies that make quality products in your area. Artificial turf may be expensive. However, it will give your landscape an appealing and balanced look. Besides, it also allows you to choose a specific leaf size or shade.

Planting Tips

Seed and sod should be planted during warm months. Some varieties of the grass cannot withstand cold weather. Proper site preparation will ensure a healthy lawn. Clear the landscape to get rid of other grasses and weeds. You could also spray the area to eliminate invasive weeds and pests.

The lawn should have a proper drainage system. It helps prevent waterlogging during irrigation and heavy rains. If you have trouble creating a slope, consider land drainage coils or French drains to improve the soil's drainage. Although the grass is known to be drought-resistant, you will need to install an irrigation system to water the grass during dry months. Use organic fertilisers and approved pesticides on your lawn.  

As indicated, buffalo turf requires little maintenance. However, you should conduct routine checks to get rid of weeds and any foreign plants on your landscape. When mowing the grass, leave some leaf cover. It ensures the grass has adequate sufficient leaves to make food.

Buffalo grass is easy to plant and maintain. Seek the services of an experienced and licensed landscaper when planting the grass. He or she will help you choose a suitable variety, prepare your landscape and take care of the lawn.