Understanding The Benefits Of Grass Slashing

1 February 2021
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When you have an area of grass that's overgrown, it's not advisable to try and cut it with a push or ride-on lawnmower. A mower will not be able to cope with the length and thickness of the grass, and you will run the risk of damaging your mower and having a rough, unfinished lawn that looks worse than when it was simply overgrown.

It's best to tackle overgrown grass using a method known as grass slashing, which cuts your grass down to a manageable length for a lawnmower to handle. This does require some tools, such as a handheld blade purposefully made for cutting back grasses and weeds, or a motorised grass slasher, which has multiple metal teeth and is ideal for use on relatively flat parcels of land. If you don't have the correct equipment, it will likely be less expensive for you to hire a landscaping company to carry out the work than it will be to purchase equipment that you may never need again. Read on to learn about a few of the benefits of grass slashing.

Deter Rodents

Rodents love to nest in long grass, and they tend to remain undetected until they start accessing a nearby building and causing damage. Rodents can chew through wiring, get into food packaging and damage structural timbers. They can also spread bacteria that can be harmful to the health of humans and other animals. Having long grass slashed will leave rodents with nowhere to hide, and this makes your property less attractive to them.

Reduce Disease

Long grass is a breeding ground for horticultural diseases, as the grass creates a warm, moist environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive in. This can have a devastating impact on the health of the grass, and fungal spores can also be spread by wind to surrounding plants and trees. To ensure the health of nearby plants, it's best to reduce the possibility of horticultural diseases by ensuring your grass is short enough to allow adequate airflow through it.

Improves Grass Condition

Long grass is often not in the best condition, but slashing stimulates healthy growth and can improve the condition of the grass by increasing organic matter on the soil. The slashed grass can be used as a mulch to improve nutrient levels in the soil, prevent weed growth and protect grassroots from sudden changes in temperature.

If you have an area of long grass that would benefit from slashing, contact your local landscaping company for more information.