5 Landscaping Tools You Need to Take Care of Your Trees and Shrubs

17 March 2021
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Trees and shrubs are a huge part of any garden. They provide everything from shade to beauty. When maintained correctly, your trees and shrubs can live for years. Although it's important to keep up with general maintenance like watering and fertilizing, these five tools will help you to care for your trees and shrubs the way that they deserve.

1. Hand shears

Hand shears are a great tool to have in your garden especially when it comes to ornamental gardens. These shears are easy to use and make the task of cutting branches and twigs extremely easy. This tool comes in different sizes which will make trimming taller trees much easier.

2. Pole pruner

Pole pruners are essential for keeping trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful. These pruning tools are frequently used by professional landscapers who need to maintain large properties or gardens with many plants. Pole pruners consist of a blade that is held by a handle and they have different blades for different types of trees. It is the best tool for trimming heavy branches that would be too difficult or unsafe to trim using shorter pruning tools like loppers or hand shears.

3. Pruning saws

Pruning saws are a common tool for professional landscapers and gardeners who work with both trees and shrubs. Pruning saws come in different shapes and lengths so you can find the best fit for your project. They have serrated blades that will cut branches without damaging the tree or shrub. The teeth of the blade are commonly sharpened with a saw file so that you won't have to worry about dulling and damaging the blade. The blade of a pruning saw is often set at different angles which allows the user to trim branches at different heights.

4. Hedge shears

Hedge shears are another tool that is widely used in professional landscaping. They are a great way to trim the trees and shrubs that are in close proximity to one another. Hedge shears will cut branches that are too low for pruning saws or pruners and they will also be effective for trimming hedges. They are made in a variety of different sizes so you can find the right tool for your job.

5. Lopping shears

Loppers are relatively easy to use and are often ideal for pruning small- and medium-size trees and shrubs. Loppers have a blade that is held by a handle which can also be used to cut branches. They come in different lengths depending on the type of tree you are pruning so it makes trimming taller trees much easier.

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