Commercial Landscaping: Three Important Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Space

22 March 2021
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The appearance of the outdoor space on your business premises will affect the success of your general operations. In simple terms, customers and partners will be drawn to a company with a good commercial landscape. If your outdoor space is unappealing and poorly-maintained, people might perceive your business as unprofessional and unreliable. Therefore, it is advisable to develop or revamp your landscaping if you have noticed signs of decline. Here are some essential guidelines to help you get started on the design.    

Consider the Architecture

It is important to think about the architecture of the commercial outdoor space before creating a landscape design. This consideration will be beneficial in ensuring compatibility between the buildings and the exterior areas. In general, you should evaluate the architecture of the structure. Your goal should be to develop a landscape that complements the existing features. For instance, a contemporary building will match well with manicured lawns and sleek hardscape. If you have a more traditional structure, you can incorporate more colourful gardens and creative hardscaping.

Think About the Turf

The turf is an important element in a commercial landscape. The grass on the outdoor space will cover most of the free space, so it must be attractive. If you are willing to invest in maintenance, you should opt for natural turf. Real grass is attractive and will give your land a natural look. However, you will need to be diligent in mowing, irrigating and fertilising. There are artificial grass alternatives to consider for lower maintenance. If you are interested in this option, consider the possibility of the material fading. Bleaching will give the landscape an unappealing and unkempt look.

Construct Clear Paths

You will need to plan for the construction of commercial landscape hardscape features. Simply speaking, some outdoor structures will be required for practical purposes. The most important features are the driveways and walkways. It is imperative to have clear roadways to prevent damage to the natural landscape. When designing these paths, you should think about the usage. Ensure that there will be sufficient space for driving and walking. It is also prudent to plan for the installation of edgings and kerbs along the roadways. This will prevent the irresponsible use of the turf. Additionally, you should inquire about the incorporation of other elements like benches, fountains and signage in the landscape for both function and appeal.

Designing and developing the perfect commercial landscape can be challenging. If you are struggling with this project, consult commercial landscaping professionals.