Lawn Mower Selection Recommendations for Your Personal Yard Care

15 June 2021
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Mowing your lawn is an essential task that you cannot neglect during your lawn's summer months when it actively grows. When you want your lawn to look great and stay healthy, it needs to be trimmed regularly to protect it from mould growth, insect and pest infestations, and growing so long that it covers your lawn's sprinkler heads and prevents them from spraying adequately. Be sure you choose a lawnmower that is perfect to help you take good care of your lawn. Here are some recommendations to help you select the right mower for your yard's lawn maintenance.

1. Look at the Mower Type 

When you have decided to look for a new mower, do some research about the various types of lawn mowers so you can make an informed decision on your eventual purchase. For example, if your lawn is a large area in your property and you don't want to use a walk-behind mower, look at buying a riding lawnmower. There are several different styles of riding lawn mowers, from lawn tractors to rear motor mowers, which are capable of handling heavy-duty mowing of tall grasses, or regular residential lawn trimming.

You can also opt for a push mower that is not self-propelled to give you a bit of exercise when you cut your lawn. If you want to go full-out with your physical motion providing the power behind your mower, you can look for a rotary mower that you push yourself and don't have to worry about batteries, petrol, or oil.

2. Consider the Mower's Power Source

With each type of mower, there are several types of power source that you can choose from for the mower you ultimately pick for your yard care. One of the more common types of mowers run on petrol and have an engine that needs cleaning and maintenance along with an air filter and oil that will need to be checked, refilled, and periodically changed.

A petrol-powered mower is going to give you a higher amount of power for your mowing needs, but it is also a louder sounding engine with petrol fumes and the occasional burning oil. So, if you want to mow your lawn without all the extra noise, smell, and protect your environment from petrol fumes, you can look for an electric mower. There are many types of electrical mower that run near-silent and effectively cut your lawn with a rechargeable battery. You will need to recharge the batteries, which may be removable, or you can recharge the entire mower intact after each mowing. 

You can also go with a solar-powered lawnmower or one that works from your own muscle power. Check with your local home improvement and garden shops or online to find available distributors that have lawnmowers for sale.