3 Pro Guidelines to Help You Control Erosion On Your Property

7 September 2021
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Landscaping can set your property apart from those neighbouring your property. Some homeowners pride themselves in handling their landscaping, while others hire a landscaping expert for professional services. Whatever method you prefer, you will likely face challenges as you improve your yard, such as loose soil and heavy torrential rains. This combination can leave you dealing with erosion, and without measures for effective erosion control, you will be dealing with weaker ground and unsightly outdoors over time. 

Here are three pro ways to curb soil erosion.

Plant the Right Things

A fire-proof way to control erosion, especially during the rainy season, is planting cover crops. The extensive root system helps cramp the soil together, making it harder to wash away when there is flowing rainwater. Grass is a good cover crop, and planting it to cover your whole yard is an excellent way of making sure your soil doesn't end up down the drain. Plant trees, shrubs, and flowers make a good addition to the grass and will also help absorb some of the water hence curbing erosion. Lining your valleys with the plants also reduces the chances of an erosion problem by preventing water from carrying the soil off the banks.

Use Retaining Walls and Terraces

Another effective measure to handling and controlling soil loss on your property is through retaining walls. You can install the retaining walls at various points in the yard and more so in the slopy areas. The walls hold the ground in position and stop soil from being washed down the slope. For the best results, call in a landscaping professional to install the retaining walls for you. Terraces are also an effective way to minimise soil loss. You can design and implement them on the steepest part of the landscape. They break down the continuous water flow and retain the soil stripped from the top of the hill.

Controlling Runoff

A primary source of erosion damage in the yard is your roof. When water collects on the roof, it will drip down with a higher volume and force than when falling directly on the ground. Installing gutters, downspouts, and a working drainage system prevent runoff water from damaging your home.

These are simple and effective ways of minimising and handling soil erosion in your yard. If you are already dealing with soil erosion, call in environmental erosion control services to assess the extent of your problem and offer a workable solution for it.