How To Choose The Ideal Lawn Mower Like a Pro

13 December 2021
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Homeowners are sometimes forced to mow their laws as the grass keeps growing. However, finding the right mower to perform this task is paramount. The two common aspects that will guide your decision-making are budget and personal preferences. While some homeowners don't mind pushing a lawnmower for an hour as a form of workout exercise, others require a lawnmower that can complete the task quickly. 

The type of lawnmower you choose will primarily depend on your lawn size, terrain level, and obstacles present. To help you find the ideal lawnmower that will satisfy your needs, keep reading this post:

Choose Push Mowers for Little Lawns 

Consider choosing a manual push mower if you own a small-sized lawn less than fifty square metres. You have to push it a little faster to activate its blades. However, this type of mower isn't engine powered, meaning it is eco-friendly and low-maintenance. Furthermore, its orientation allows you to store it vertically against a wall, saving more space. 

Look at Powered Walk-Behind Mowers

The powered walk-behind mowers are prevalent across Australia. With excellent maintenance, these 2-stroke powered mowers can serve you for decades. They come in different sizes, meaning you must measure your shed or gate's width to choose one that will pass through easily. Other features when choosing a walk-behind mower include: 

  • Electric or Gas-powered — petrol mowers can run longer and have more power than electric. However, they demand more maintenance and can sometimes be messier than electric. Additionally, electric mowers might be corded or cordless, but you may need a couple of batteries for the cordless types if you own a large loan.

  • Push vs Self-Propelled — for self-propelled, determine whether it's a 2- or 4-wheel drive. The 4-wheel drives are much heavier but offer more excellent manoeuvrability over inclined surfaces.

Choose a Ride-on Mower for Large Lawns

Riding mowers are great for lawns slightly above the scope of homeowners needing a walk-behind mower. Consider upgrading to a riding mower if you spend more than two hours mowing your lawns. Such mowers have motors mounted on their rear but only offer comfort basics. They are excellent for performing the mowing task faster on more expansive lawns. 

Consider Zero-Turn Mowers for Extensive Lawns

Finally, these mowers are a popular choice for landscaping work or golf courses. They are much faster and offer precise turning. However, keep in mind that their lap bar steering can be tricky to learn. They are ideal for extensive flat lawns with numerous obstacles like shrubs or ponds to manoeuvre around quickly.