Two tips to remember if you’re new to using hedge trimmers

13 October 2020
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If you've recently taken an interest in landscaping and have just bought your first pair of hedge trimmers, here are a couple of tips to remember when you start using this landscaping tool. 1. Assess the hedge you need to trim before you switch on the hedge trimmers If you want your hedge-trimming work to go smoothly, you should not attempt to tackle any unruly-looking hedges with your tool without assessing them first. Read More 

Tips to Consider When Planning to Buy Landscape Supplies

8 September 2020
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From mulch and manure to topsoil, gravel, and paving stones, you have an endless list to choose from for your landscape supplies. With a few tips, you can look forward to spending less and getting more from your purchase, and some of these helpful pointers include the following. 1. Careful Where You Buy You may find some landscape supplies at a general warehouse, but there is a lot of benefit in going to a dealer specialising in landscape materials and supplies. Read More 

Three Paver Materials to Consider for Your Landscaping

29 July 2020
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Hardscape elements using pavers add functionality and charm to a landscape. They produce stable and secure surfaces to walk on — plus, they add adorning colours and textures. Here are three popular materials to consider. 1. Brick Clay brick pavers, in earthy rust shades, are available in various shapes and sizes, which you can combine to generate diverse patterns. One classic look is a basketweave layout in which two rectangular pavers are set side-by-side to form a square. Read More 

How To Choose And Plant Buffalo Turf

16 June 2020
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Buffalo turf is one of the best grasses you can have on your landscape. The grass requires little maintenance and can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic. Below is a guide to help you purchase and plant buffalo turf in your yard.  Choosing Grass Some of your concerns when choosing buffalo grass should include:  1. Characteristics There are different varieties of buffalo grass. As such, you should choose a grass that can withstand the climate of your area. Read More 

Corporate Office Cleaning Tips You Shouldn’t Forget This Winter

15 June 2020
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Traditionally, winter is a time to stay indoors, but companies still have to run to provide the products and services people require. However, maintaining cleanliness in the corporate office or commercial space can be challenging during this period, but it doesn't mean that it should be neglected. After all, this is the time when infectious germs and ailments are transferred easily, so if certain corporate office cleaning procedures aren't followed, the team's health will be at risk. Read More